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Cartoning & Case Packing

Z-Pro Shrink Bundling System

The Z-Pro Shrink Bundling System offers the most versatile and efficient technologies in today's packaging industry. 

The infeed and collating systems exceed the capabilities of competitive systems and are custom-engineered to meet individual requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy-saving shrink tunnel
  • Standard includes a bank of nine heaters
  • Automatic thermocouple control controls six heaters to go off and on intermittently
  • Auto-intermittent feature saves energy and saves you money
  • Free air flow feature circulates hot air completely around each bundle for a tighter, more uniform shrink with less energy consumption
  • Sealing system uses a hot coated knife to seal and cut the film
  • No hot wires to break, virtually eliminating expensive downtime
  • Built-in safety system on the sealing bar helps prevent accidents and crushed packages
  • Automatically pulls film from the roll and measures it to the correct size of the bundle via a dancer bar
  • Highly accurate method for dispensing film greatly reduces film usage and waste
large  image of Thiele Technologies Z-Pro Shrink Bundler
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