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Cartoning & Case Packing

1575 Poly Bag Inserter

The fully automatic Series 1575 Poly Bag Inserter is designed to select a gusseted or flat tube polyethylene bag from a roll of perforated stock, insert it into an erected container (corrugated, plastic, etc.), and cuff the top over the container flaps.

Features & Benefits

  • Completely automatic - eliminates hand labor for bag insertion
  • Runs gusseted or flat tube polyethylene bags
  • Bags furnished on roll - large capacity reduces material handling costs
  • Postive bag control - total control of bag from roll separation to bag insertion to cuffing
  • Touchscreen controls to enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Quality manufacturing provides years of dependable service\
  • High-speed servo package available

large image of Thiele Technologies Model 1575 Poly Bag Inserter
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