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Cartoning & Case Packing

WP 100 Wraparound Case ​Loader Sealer

The WP 100 is a fully automatic system for packing product into a wraparound case or open top tray.  Product feeds into the machine in a specified number of lanes, determined by the pack pattern.  A servo operated pick head will grip the product on the infeed conveyor and move it to the case or tray blank, which has been staged from a magazine.  A servo operated elevator plate pulls the blank and product down, while folding up the side walls.  The filled case is then transferred horizontally past glue applicators and is stopped at a compression section where case sealing is completed.

Typical product styles handled by the WP 100 are tubs, cups, bottles and cartons.  Infeed options are available, such as lane dividers, transfers and repositioning devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Servo motor motion
  • Quick changeovers
  • Multiple infeed configurations
  • Cluster point lubrication system
  • Fully automatic interlocked safety doors
  • Allen-Bradley programmable controller
  • HMI Display with full diagnostic capabilities
WP 100 Wraparound Loader and Sealer
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