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Cartoning & Case Packing

Tisma VT-100 Vertical Cartoner

Thiele's Tisma VT-100 Vertical Cartoner can handle a wide variety of products that require vertical loading into a carton. The VT-100 includes a hand loading area that is easily converted to a variety of automatic loading options.

Features & Benefits

  • A standard single chain carton track with precision milled pockets maintains exact position and protects the integrity of the cartons at all points along the track
  • Flexibility in track length, pitch, and mode of motion, continuous or intermittent, contribute to the wide range of applications
  • Operators can stand or sit while loading at the ergonomically designed carton track
  • Safe operation is promoted with interlocked guards and clear polycarbonate panels for easy machine monitoring
  • The gear-driven, vacuum based rotary carton feeder takes cartons from the motor driven carton magazine and erects them into the carton pockets
  • Stationary and mechanical tooling closes bottom flaps and prepares the top flaps for carton loading. The horseshoe-shaped loading area is accessible to hand loaders and machines alike. Closing tooling completes top flap closing and cartons discharge onto a flat belt conveyor
large image of Thiele Technologies Tisma Victory VT-100 Vertical Cartoner
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