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Model 6162 MasterWeigh Duplex Scale

The Model 6162 MasterWeigh Duplex Scale combines two MasterWeigh Simplex scales within one framework. While one scale fills, the other dumps, dramatically increasing your bagging production.

Each scale provides extremely accurate, high-speed weighing of a wide range of products, from granular free-flowing products to semi free-flowing products.

The scale controls can be integrated into the bagger control program so you can operate the scale and bagger from one touchscreen.

All product contact surfaces are made of stainless steel. Plus, they are angled to enhance product flow and simplify cleaning. The electronic weigh system is isolated in a sealed, dust-free environment.         

Features & Benefits

  • State-of-the-art, electronic platform load cell for precise weighments between 20 - 110 lbs. (9 - 50 kg)
  • Product weighments stabilize faster and are more accurate
  • Extremely accurate two-stage weighing system with a choice of feed sections depending on the types of product to be weighed
  • Computer systems control and monitor the weighing operation, as well as storing data for future analysis of production runs
  • Automatic calibration is available 
large image of Thiele Technologies Model 6162 Duplex Net Weigh  Scale
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