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Food Products


image of Thiele Technolgies packaging equipment for   poultry  products

Thiele's acquistion of SWF in 2007 kept a 50-plus year relationship with the poultry industry going strong. SWF currently has over 1,000 machines in operation, and has proven packaging solutions for case-ready meats, frozen products, further processed items and a host of other fresh and frozen products. Thiele, along with SWF, has bliss formers, tray formers case erectors, case sealers, cartoners, case packers, case palletizers, shrink bundlers and wrappers that can handle a variety of poultry packaging applications.

Thiele's Poultry Package Style Offerings

Thiele offers a diverse range of packaging equipment for a wide variety of products and applications.

Ask our applications engineers for advice so you can optimize your packaging production.

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