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  • Alifrut Chooses Logic VFFS System for Frozen Products

    by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2013

    Alimentos Y Frutos, in Chile, continues its growth by choosing the Simionato range of solutions to package frozen and fragile products.

    Alifrut S.A has the highest production capacity for frozen vegetables and fruits of any company in Latin America and is currently the largest exporter of store brands for retail in America, Europe and the East. Alifrut also boasts the country’s largest cold storage capacity (-18°).

    Alifrut’s quality products are packed with Simionato systems, inclusive of multihead scales (RCW 16B-21 and RCW Fragile) as well as vertical form fill seal baggers ( Logic Brushless and Inclined Logic). These are just a few of the machines used in the 6 Alifrut plants around Chile. The complete automatic vertical systems include highly-hygienic conveyors systems, multihead scales for frozen environments, metal detectors and baggers producing poly packs ranging from 200g to 2500g.

    Alifrut chose Simionato for the high speeds and leading-edge packaging technology.

  • Pipers Crisp Co. Purchases Novus 250 to Increase Packaging Speeds

    by User Not Found | Nov 21, 2013
    Existing HayssenSandiacre customer, Pipers Crisp Co. has purchased a new Novus 250 to increase packing speeds
    Hayssen has recently sold a Novus packaging machine to Pipers Crisp Co. located in Brigg, North Lincolnshire in the UK. Pipers Crisp Co., who produces premium crisps, was looking to increase their packing speed in order to meet increasing consumer demand. The Novus 250 continuous motion packaging machine offers this application speeds of up to 100 packs per minute with a long seal dwell time, ensuring a high seal integrity for Pipers’ high quality packaging material.

    Pipers Crisp Co. was particularly impressed by Hayssen’s ability to consisently produce quality packs and seal integrity. Pipers Crisp Co. has been using Hayssen’s TG intermittent motion machine for many years and has always been satisfied by the reliability of the machine and the quality of bags it produces. The Novus 250 offers great flexibility for producing a variety of pack styles, such as pillow, doy and quad packs.

    Shaun Watson, Operations Manager at Pipers Crisp Co. explains further, “We have been packing our crisps using the Hayssen TG250 for many years. Our TG250 is so reliable, that it is commonly referred to around the factory as the factory work horse.”

    “We needed to increase the speed at which our products were being packed, so we decided to purchase the Novus 250. The fact that the Novus is a low maintenance machine and that we can receive customer services’ support locally from both HayssenSandiacre’s Nottingham and Thetford based offices were key factors in our decision.”

    Pipers Crisp Co. is packing their variety of crisps at rates of between 85 – 100 packs per minute
  • Automation at Goya Supports Growing Bean Business

    by User Not Found | Aug 07, 2013

    A new Miami FL, distribution center and dry-bean packing facility produces 1 million cases of bagged beans per year using three fully automated packaging lines. 

    The premier source for authentic Latino cuisine, family-owned Goya Foods was established in 1936 in lower Manhattan, NY, by Don Prudencio Unanue and his wife, Carolina, both from Spain, as a distributor of olives, olive oil and sardines. Today, the company is the largest Hispanic owned food company in the United States, with 16 facilities in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, and a product line of 2,000 SKUs.

    One of the secrets to Goya’s success, Unanue reveals, is the company’s investment in equipment and automation.

    Goya recently broke ground on a new Miami facility to accommodate the company’s growth in Florida, driven both by new people coming into the area and by consumers’ growing willingness to try new foods and flavours. Says Goya Foods of Florida, Director of Operations, Development and Manufacturing Angel Portuondo, “Our sales have been growing every year.”

    To address speed, Goya selected the HayssenSandiacre Ultima ST intermittent motion VFFS machine, which has a top-rated output of 100bpm. At Goya, Line 1 alternates between 24oz and 4lb bags; Lines 2 and 3 handle 12 and 14oz bag sizes. According to Portuondo, the baggers run at speeds from 90 to 92bpm for the smaller sizes at 55bpm for the larger sizes. Compared with the speeds formerly achieved by Goya using its old equipment, the higher output of the new machines translates to an extra 500 cases per line, per shift. On the Hayssen VFFS machine, a volumetric feeder measures out the appropriate amount of beans, which are dumped into the formed bags. Prior to forming, bag rollstock is printed by a thermal transfer overprinter with the manufacturing date, best-by date and expiration date.

    In the dry-bean packing room, three packaging lines produce up to 1 million cases of beans per year over one shift, with the ability to expand to 3 million.

  • The Park Cake Bakeries Choose Logic System To Pack Micro Bites

    by User Not Found | Jul 12, 2013

    The Park Cake Bakeries,  based in Oldham, UK, has opted for a Logic C system with indexed infeed conveyor to pack their retail quad packs of micro  bites.  The Park Cake Bakeries is using the Logic C system to produce small guilt-free pillow packs,  their Father’s Day pack and quad packs for their Food on the Move.

    Chris Biddle, Engineering Manager at Park Cake Bakeries explains  his decision to choose the Logic system, “We were keen to get production  started as quickly as possible, so the fact that HayssenSandiacre could  offer us a machine with a quick delivery was a key factor in our decision  making process.”

    “We needed a machine that could produce various bag types and with excellent sales advice, we found a machine that fit all our  requirements.”

    The  Logic C vertical packaging machine is available with a range of different options, such as gas flushing, euro slot, anti-static system and much more.

  • Alessandro Stiffan Joins Simionato as Supply Chain and Production Manager

    by User Not Found | Jul 12, 2013

    Please join us in welcoming Alessandro Stiffan as the Supply Chain and Production Manager at Simionato. Alessandro is responsible for production, purchasing, warehousing, facilities, and other activities in the factory.

    “Alessandro is joining us from a well-known manufacturer of vertical and horizontal flowrappers as well as a range of other packaging machines.  He therefore brings with him excellent experience which will be a valuable addition to the strong skills and experience of Simionato Team Members”, says Simon Lagoe, Managing Director of HayssenSandiacre Europe Limited UK.
  • imPACKED 2013, UK's Largest In-House Packaging Event Scheduled for 7 Oct -11 Oct, 2013

    by User Not Found | Jul 12, 2013







    The UK's largest in-house packaging event has grown to include even more packaging suppliers in 2013. 

    Please join us the first week in October as we showcase the latest in packaging equipment.

    Conservative estimates show over 600 million packages are produced each day on HayssenSandiacre equipment worldwide.

    Take this opportunity to see a wide selection of HayssenSandiacre machinery along with many other suppliers’ packaging equipment in action. Learn about our increasing range of services designed to support you and see the exciting changes made to our Nottingham facility.   

    • Novus Doy VFFS packaging machine
    • Novus High Speed pillow packaging machine
    • Intermittent VFFS packaging machine
    • Rose Forgrove Flow Wrappers: Various horizontal models
    • Simionato Logic System: Inclusive of infeed conveyor, multihead weigher, gantry, VFFS bag maker, outfeed conveyor
    • HayssenSandiacre’s Unique Remanufactured Equipment Programme – equipment rebuilt and upgraded by the manufacturer “as new” and with a full warranty
    • New Technical Centre: You will also have the opportunity to look around our fully refurbished facility and see machines running in our new Technical Centre.
  • Monica Castro Appointed Latin America Region Business Coordinator

    by User Not Found | May 30, 2013
    We are happy to welcome Monica Castro to our Latin America sales and business development team. Monica brings with her a wealth of experience working in the Latin American markets, and as a liaison and project coordinator between a US based company and Latin American customers. In her spare time, Monica teaches English via Skype to children in Ecuador. Dan Minor, VP of Sales and Marketing adds, “We are very excited to have someone of Monica’s caliber joining our team and look forward to the success she will bring for herself and to the partnerships we maintain with our customers in Latin America.”
  • British Bakels Ltd Based In Bicester Purchases New TG250LFT

    by User Not Found | May 30, 2013

    HayssenSandiacre’s twin tube intermittent packaging machine produces readymade piping bags, using its specially modified jaws, set at 45 degrees. The Twin machine doubles the production output, whilst reducing floor space compared to two single machines. Each side of the Twin machine can work independently, allowing total flexibility on pack sizes and weights.

    Individual dosing pumps mounted on each side of the bag maker, feed the required dose directly into the bags via the forming sets. Finished bags are discharged via two variable speed conveyors. Controls for both the printers and bag maker are conveniently located in one area, allowing for more efficient usage.

    Twin TG250
    British Bakels
    British Bakels Ltd is an existing customer of HayssenSandiacre and already owns a TG250L purchased in 2004, which is currently being used to pack their range of cake mix products.

    Simon Dawson, Engineering Team Leader at British Bakels Ltd, explains British Bakels Ltd’s reasons for choosing HayssenSandiacre, “We were very impressed with HayssenSandiacre’s TG250LFT, particularly its capabilities to produce our ready-made piping bag. This machine was ideal for packing our product. We have worked with HayssenSandiacre previously and we felt confident that they would manufacture a machine to suit all our requirements and we have not been let down.”

  • Michael Dann Appointed Director of Rose Forgrove

    by User Not Found | Apr 30, 2013

    In support of a major horizontal wrapper systems growth initiative, Mike May, President of HayssenSandiacre, has announced the appointment of Michael Dann to the position of Director, Rose Forgrove. In this role, Dann will lead and develop major strategies in international markets for the Rose Forgrove brand of machinery.

    Dann joined HayssenSandiacre this March and brings nearly 20 years of experience in the international packaging industry, as well as a wealth of knowledge of horizontal flow wrappers and systems.

    “Our ‘One Global Team’ culture has seen the benefits of leveraging all capabilities to gain a competitive advantage in the market. With operations in the USA, England and Italy, our global footprint in the marketplace continues to expand, and with Michael’s experience in the wrapper business, we will continue to build lasting relationships in providing trusted flexible packaging solutions,” said president Mike May.



  • Cranswick Purchase 3 Flow Wrappers to Assist in New Venture

    by User Not Found | Mar 27, 2013

    Cranswick are starting food production with premium pastry product manufacturer Yorkshire Baker next month as part of a new business venture. They will be packing their products using Rose Forgrove Merlin HSEs from HayssenSandiacre.

    A new business division within Cranswick has been set up called the Cranswick Gourmet Pastry Company, which will not only see an increase in jobs, but also a greater presence in the food market.  Cranswick who produce premium pastry products, such as sausage rolls and pies were keen to get the new project moving along quickly.

    HayssenSandiacre is supplying Cranswick with two Merlin HSE loan machines, while their new machines are being built to ensure that Cranswick will be able to meet their production requirements.

    Rollo Thompson - Managing Director at Continental Fine Foods/ Yorkshire Baker said “Our range of Yorkshire Baker products is already available from some deli counters, but we will be up-scaling our production, so that we can supply to even more delis and shops in the future.”

    “We opted for Rose Forgrove Flow Wrappers because of their extensive experience working within the bakery industry and HayssenSandiacre’s reputation for producing packaging machines of superior quality. The machines are extremely well built and lend themselves well to our working environment.  We didn’t want to stop production, so it was great that HayssenSandiacre offered us the opportunity to loan two machines for the duration of the new machine build.” 

    The Merlin HSE Flow Wrapper is flexible and dependable with an extensive machine range, which makes it ideal for packing a variety of different products. The Merlin HSE is available with a variety of options, such as stainless steel construction, pin type perforator, infeed extensions and gusseting units.

    For further information please contact your local sales team.

  • Inclined Bagger Designed to Handle Fragile Products

    by User Not Found | Feb 13, 2013

    Dried and filled products, pastries, wafers, fragile snacks, fresh fruits, granules, free flow or sticky products: Simionato has developed a dedicated packaging solution with the aim to avoid product breakage during the packaging process.

    The Logic Flex has a variable inclination, between 25° and 55°, allowing the operator to find the best relationship between packing speed and fragility of the product. The special devices applied to Simionato’s Logic Flex machines for fragile products are the result of many years of experience alongside clients that face issues with fragile products. The secret is the reduction of the angles of impact for the product, the softening of impact and the reduction of impacts between each piece. The most efficient “low breakage” configuration is the linear weigher together with the inclined Logic Flex packaging machine. This allows special treatment of the most complicated products, avoiding falls and angles of impact.   Simionato adds that the Logic Flex allows for quick format change as well. In just a few minutes, it is possible to change from one bag type to another (such as flat bottom or four side sealing) or to change the bag size. For more information:

  • New Bottom Feed Flow Wrapper for Packaging Larger and Difficult-To-Handle Products

    by User Not Found | Feb 07, 2013

    HayssenSandiacre is introducing the Integra RF602i, designed for packaging of soft, sticky and/or wet products. The benefits of this new wrapper include 10-minute package size changeover with one part change, gas flushing, easy-open packages and long-dwell sealing for hermetic seals. The inverted unwind design is sanitation-friendly as product contact surfaces are reduced. 

    For more information on the Integra RF602i, please contact a local sales rep for HayssenSandiacre 

  • Automation at Goya Supports Growing Bean Business

    by User Not Found | Jan 19, 2013
    Goya's new Miami, FL distribution center and dry bean packing facility produces 1 million cases of bagged beans per year, utilizing HayssenSandiacre's Ultima ST bagger. Read the full article with video!
  • New Video - Veltron Infeed for Shingled Cheese Slices

    by User Not Found | Jan 05, 2013