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Reduce Air Consumption and Cost with Servo Jaw Retrofit for Ultima VFFS

by User Not Found | Apr 05, 2016
As in most areas of production, air has a huge impact not only in performance but also reflects a significant cost within everyday production.

airconsumptionproductHayssens’ product development engineers have been working in partnership with one of our Key Account customers to develop a solution that addresses sealing issues directly related to air dependencies. As a solution, we created the Servo-Jaw Actuator update. This upgrade has been installed at our customer’s facility and has been running for over 6 months with no issues.

The customer has been able to not only reduce air consumption overall for the specific line, but has also improved overall performance (bags per minute). This is due to consistent cycling provided by the servo motor that controls the overall sealing motion of the jaws. As the machine is operating, it experiences less faults thanks to no air needed to complete the hermetic seal.

Our Key Account Customer is very encouraged with this update and project. So much so, that they have purchased 7 new machines with this actuator system.

We look forward to continue working with this customer, but most importantly we look forward to continue growing our partnerships with our customers, building lasting relationships through a lifetime of customer service.

If you would like more information on this jaw actuator system, please contact us at