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Merlin Performance E-Learning

by User Not Found | Oct 29, 2015
    Performance.  It is what you expect from your packaging equipment.  Well trained operators and maintenance technicians ensure your equipment performs well.  Hayssen is pleased to announce a new way for Merlin owners to train the people who will use their equipment.  Training for the Merlin Flow Wrapper is available as an eLearning package.  Now operators and technicians can learn to use the Merlin when the time is right. The training is online—three hours of interactive learning available at your location.  The topics cover machine installation, operation and routine maintenance. 

Sample module titles: 

1.      Safety First!

2.      Using the HMI

3.      Loading Film

4.      Folding Box Adjustment

5.      Wrapper Quality

6.      Routine Maintenance

7.      Machine Assembly

Each topic title is short (most are less than 15 minutes). Because the training is online, it can be accessed anytime—24 hours a day.  Learners can access the training as often as they need to take additional training or review previous titles.  For more information contact