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Inclined Bagger Designed to Handle Fragile Products

by User Not Found | Feb 13, 2013

Dried and filled products, pastries, wafers, fragile snacks, fresh fruits, granules, free flow or sticky products: Simionato has developed a dedicated packaging solution with the aim to avoid product breakage during the packaging process.

The Logic Flex has a variable inclination, between 25° and 55°, allowing the operator to find the best relationship between packing speed and fragility of the product. The special devices applied to Simionato’s Logic Flex machines for fragile products are the result of many years of experience alongside clients that face issues with fragile products. The secret is the reduction of the angles of impact for the product, the softening of impact and the reduction of impacts between each piece. The most efficient “low breakage” configuration is the linear weigher together with the inclined Logic Flex packaging machine. This allows special treatment of the most complicated products, avoiding falls and angles of impact.   Simionato adds that the Logic Flex allows for quick format change as well. In just a few minutes, it is possible to change from one bag type to another (such as flat bottom or four side sealing) or to change the bag size. For more information: