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Parts Programs


Exchange Program

Our exchange program allows you to return your old or defective part for a previously used but refurbished part fully tested to factory specifications.  The refurbished part ships to you at the new cost and exchange credit will be issued after the return and inspection of the defective part you currently have.

Contact our replacement parts department for more information

Repair & Return Program

Our state-of-the-art Electronic Technology Center provides high-quality repair and rebuild services for a variety of  parts including weigh actuators, weigh modules, controllers and I/O Units.

The technology center features upgraded test equipment for improved test coverage, documented assembly and test processes, and a Closed Loop Corrective Action (CLCA) system that results in root-cause analysis and ongoing process improvement. We keep up-to-date with quarterly training covering the newest technical approaches and work practices.

Contact our replacement parts department for more information

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