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Brett Jones

Brett JonesWith over 20 years of diverse experience in Barry-Wehmiller’s packaging division, Brett’s hands-on experience and practical approach enable him to effectively lead BW Integrated Systems Aftermarket Team, in addition to directly participating in the implementation of solutions for our clients.  As Vice President of Aftermarket, Brett is charged with building and maintaining Customer Trust through the entire life cycle of BW Integrated Systems manufactured equipment.  

Brett’s unique background and leadership philosophy enable BW Integrated Systems to offer market-leading Aftermarket support.  The BW Integrated Systems aftermarket team consists of over 100 associates, supporting over 100 countries around the world, including 18 international service engineers based in Mexico, Europe and Asia.                                         

Brett enjoys developing customer relationships with his “hands on” approach and through his passion for problem solving.  Long term relationships with open and constructive communication is the measure of success for him, and he values the personal relationships that he has built with many customers over the past 21 years.  He feels the only way to truly understand the success or challenges of a packaging system is to “see it with your own eyes” and to watch the client / team interaction.  

Brett’s career started at Barry-Wehmiller with Bemis Packaging Machinery in 1996 where he served as an inside sales coordinator.  In this role he learned packaging line applications, quotations and he began learning the client base and product lines.  About one year later Barry-Wehmiller acquired Bemis where he moved into a mechanical engineering role for the high-speed bagging value stream for Thiele Technologies.  This led to a project engineer role for the palletizing team where he continued to develop his relationships with customers, which are still in place today.  From there he was promoted to Divisional Field Service manager which he performed for 6 years. According to Brett, “This role was the most important growth catalyst in my career.  It gave me constant customer interaction and allowed me to collaborate with virtually every department within Thiele Technologies.  It’s really where I learned the overall business and it’s also where I learned the profound impact that Aftermarket has on our clients.”    Brett eventually gained global responsibility for Thiele’s aftermarket parts business and upgrad solutions, which is the role that he fills today for BW Integrated Systems. 

Brett resides near Minneapolis and enjoys all of the outdoor activities that Minnesota affords.   He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

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