Barry-Wehmiller Network


BW Container Systems is a continued leader in the design, manufacture and supply of container handling changeparts.  A specialised team of highly qualified and experienced personnel, dedicated to supporting our customers in creating innovative solutions for their container handling or packaging lines, is based in our Doncaster manufacturing facility.  We develop partnerships with our customers by assigning members of our team to container development, proactive design workshops and adopting a structured process from container implementation to actual production.

MKII Quick Release Changeparts

MKII Quick Release Changeparts allow for increased efficiency as the changeover time is reduced significantly from standard OEM parts.  In addition, there is no ramp-up time needed, all parts have a positive location and production can commence immediately.  Changeovers are tool-free and can be completed by the line operators. To aid in this changeover, CBI Fleetwood can engrave the changeover sequence required when switching between containers. This type of engraving frees up the operators' valuable time to meet demands elsewhere within the factory.

Standard OEM Changeparts

Standard OEM Changeparts can be designed to the exact standard and specification of the original equipment manufacturer.  If possible we will lightweight and include captivated hand knobs to improve on the existing design as well as fully engrave to our customer's requirements.

Feedscrew Changeparts

CBI Fleetwood's Feedscrews (feedscrolls) are manufactured from a variety of materials including UHMWPE, acetal and nylon.  Careful consideration is given to the application of the scroll which determines which material is most suitable.

Multi-Position Conveyor Guide System

CBI Fleetwood has developed both width and height multi-position conveyor guide systems that are an integral part of the conveyor system allowing for quick repeatable changeover and eliminates variability adjustment. This guide-rail system is suitable for straight and corner sections and can be colour coded to customer requirements to suit your existing sets of changeparts and can be engraved accordingly.

Storage Solutions

CBI Fleetwood can design and manufacture a storage solution to suit any customer requirement, ranging from "A" frame to blow mould storage trollies.  All of our storage solutions are designed to meet customer specifications and will be manufactured using a coloured polycarve material allowing the outline of parts as well as the customer logo and engraving details to be shown.

Pucks / Injection Moulded Pucks

Pucks eliminate most of the costs for individual machine container changeparts and minimize or eliminate line adjustments related to container changes. Pucks are a lightweight, cost effective component that can be manufactured for unusually shaped containers; unstable containers are given maximum stability, allowing higher line speeds and reducing changeover.